AB CAPITAL is a private real estate investment firm and California Finance Lender headquartered in Newport Beach that specializes in real estate secured debt investments in California.

With a proven and accomplished team of real estate professionals with over 75 years of combined relevant experience in all facets of real estate, AB Capital possesses a competitive advantage in sourcing and structuring quality investments. We pride ourselves on our hands-on and common-sense investment analysis, intimate knowledge of the market in which we transact, and commitment to the preservation and growth of our investors’ capital.

Our mission is to be an innovative, client focused firm that delivers  compelling risk adjusted returns through real estate secured investments using disciplined analysis, stringent underwriting and thorough due diligence.

Our Leadership Team

Ryan J. Young

President and Co-Founder

Mr. Young is the Co-Founder and Principal of AB Capital. He is an innovative and accomplished leader with over 2 decades of experience in real estate finance, acquisitions, development, construction and asset management. He (and his teams) have arranged over $1 billion of financing over his 25 year career. He focuses his efforts on investor relations and portfolio management. Mr. Young is a licensed California Real Estate Broker and a graduate of U.C. Santa Barbara with a degree in Political Science.

Joshua R. Pukini


Mr. Pukini is the Co-Founder of AB Capital. He has 14+ years of experience in privately funded real estate investments. A results-focused entrepreneur, Mr. Pukini has a proven track record with over $500MM in deals funded solely utilizing private investor capital. An adept negotiator and strategist, Mr. Pukini is responsible for managing the firm’s total investment portfolio, evaluating deal risk & structuring opportunistic real estate ventures. Mr. Pukini is a licensed California Real Estate Broker and is a graduate of U.C. Berkeley with a degree in Legal Studies.

Fund Strategy

AB Capital Fund A and AB Capital Fund B are Regulation 506(c) offerings now open for investments. The Funds are offering accredited investors the opportunity to own equity units in the Funds with a minimum investor contribution of $25,000.

The Funds formed for the purpose of making or investing in business purpose loans secured by deeds of trust on California real estate with substantial equity protection. The strategy of the Funds is to create a highly diversified portfolio of real estate secured debt assets that includes performing, non-performing, and scratch-and-dent loans in order to produce attractive risk adjusted returns and preserve capital.

AB Capital, LLC will serve as the Manager of both Funds and has compiled an impressive management team consisting of licensed real estate brokers, an attorney and MAI appraiser, with a combined 75+ years of real estate investing and lending experience. The team has been through multiple real estate cycles and has thrived thru previous downturns. AB Capital is headquartered in Newport Beach, CA.

The Capital Stack

AB Capital Capital Stack

Fund Highlights

AB Capital Fund A

AB Capital Fund A
  • 1st Priority Deeds of Trust Only

  • Low Loan-to-Value (50%)

  • Conservative Underwriting

  • California Real Estate Only

Additional Fund A Documentation

Apply for Fund A

AB Capital Fund B

AB Capital Fund B
  • Junior “B” Position in Bifurcated Loans

  • 2nd Trust Deeds

  • Maximum Loan-to-Value of 65%

  • California Real Estate Only

Additional Fund B Documentation

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Fund Summary

Fund A

Fund B

Offering Size



Minimum Investment



Targeted Annual Yield






Lien Position

1st (A Position)

1st (B Position) & 2nd


50% Maximum LTV*

65% Average LTV

Investor Suitability

Verified Accredited Investor (506(C))

Verified Accredited Investor (506(C))


See all funded investments through investor portal

See all funded investments through investor portal

Investment Period

2 Year Minimum

2 Year Minimum

*55% LTV if Non Bifurcated Loan

$0 Billion+
Closed real estate transactions by our principals.
Accredited investors, family offices, and select investment advisors who have placed their trust with our principals.
0+ Years
Combined real estate investing and lending experience.

Our Investment Philosophy

We invest in a diverse portfolio of real estate secured debt investments with significant equity protection in well-positioned California markets in order to preserve capital and produce consistent and attractive risk adjusted returns. Our philosophy focuses on preservation first and yield second.

Alignment of Interest

AB Capital’s principals co-invest with our clients. The principals of AB Capital have always led with the philosophy to align the interests of the firm with those who entrust the firm with their money. This approach means every AB Capital strategy is pursued from an investor’s perspective to achieve the best results possible.

General Loan Parameters

Interest Rates7.50% - 12.95% Interest onlyLocationCalifornia Only
Loan to ValueUp to 65% LTVLoan TypesBridge & Construction
Loan to CostUp to 80% LTCProperty TypesAll
Loan Amounts$500,000 - $15,000,000Use TypesAll (Including Cannabis)
Loan Terms6 to 24 months (extensions available)Lien PositionFirst & Second Trust Deeds

Business Purpose Loans Only

Our Values

Client First

First and foremost we value our clients. Our clients are our lifeline without which we couldn’t do what we do. We understand this and therefore make producing the highest quality results for our clients our utmost priority.


We appreciate that our decisions impact the lives of our team, investors and the community. Accordingly, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity and strive to exemplify honesty, fairness and transparency in all that we do. Put simply, we honor our word and stand by our decisions.


We always strive for excellence and settle for nothing less. We aim to be our best, do our best, and produce the best results for our team, investors and the community. We acknowledge that we are ultimately measured by our performance and constantly seek to exceed expectations.

Our Process


AB Capital’s strong ties and presence in the California real estate market facilitates a consistent stream of potential loan investments from brokers and borrowers alike. Because of AB Capital’s proven ability to perform, many brokers and borrowers are repeat clients, which ensures steady deal flow, helps streamline the loan process and increases the likelihood of quality performing loans with proven sponsors.


AB Capital has a stringent due diligence process that aims to minimize risk and maximize returns. AB Capital’s holistic and exhaustive due diligence process starts with the real estate, focusing on its value, location and condition. AB Capital also takes a close look at the sponsor’s qualifications and ability to perform. AB Capital’s internal team of real estate brokers, an appraiser and attorney make sure all risk is properly identified and accounted for.


AB Capital’s clients rely on us to say “no” until the time is right to say “yes.” Not every deal is the right deal. Once we determine a deal fits our strict investment criteria, we move quickly to execute and close. Execution, however, doesn’t end at closing. We closely monitor the investment until the deal is fully paid off. Only then is a deal closed, and even then, we are diligently working on the next deal in the pipeline.