AB Capital will be sponsoring Opal Financial Group’s flagship event, The Family Office & Private Wealth Management Forum. The event will be held at Gurney’s Newport Resort & Marina in Newport, Rhode Island and has become Opal’s largest family office event in the world. Over the course of three days, family offices, private investors, and investment managers will navigate their way through the choppy waters of the past recession, while continuing to explore the best ways to map out their portfolios. With over 1000 delegates there is always an opportunity to learn valuable information. Discussions will cover a wide variety of investment topics including direct investing, impact investing, non-correlated assets, and many more.

Mr. Pukini is scheduled to speak on Tuesday, July 22 nd , and the focus of his discussion is “Investing in Fixed Income: Investing in a Rising Rate Environment.” Mr. Pukini will be joined by three other executives on his panel.

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